Social Skills Groups

KindleKids currently runs Social Skills groups during term time and camps during school holidays.  These Social Skills groups are run for different age groups (children, pre-teens and teens) and help to facilitate a range of social skills and everyday life skills in a fun, safe and enjoyable environment.

KindleKids runs a waiting list for parents interested in enrolling their children in the groups and spaces are limited to a maximum of eight people in each group.  We would like to meet with your child before the group starts to ensure that they would be suitable to benefit from a social skills group.

The social skills group takes place over eight to ten weeks depending on the age of your child, and is followed by a session for parents to provide feedback and guidelines on understanding and maintaining the skills that have been nurtured.

By the end of the group, participants report to feel more confident, less self conscious and ready to embrace ‘…the magic of the visibility cloak’.

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