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How can a child psychologist help?

  • In the initial appointment which lasts an hour, the child psychologist will meet with parents to begin a thorough assessment of your child’s needs.  This provides parents with an opportunity to discuss your concerns in detail and help the child psychologist to plan the best way to address your child’s specific difficulties.  All approaches to therapy and assessment are evidence based and in line with national guidelines.

    Our child psychologists offer educational, cognitive, ental health and emotional assessments which are aimed at understanding your concerns about your child and assessing the underlying reasons for what you are observing.  Assessments are accompanied by a written report, which includes recommendations for supporting your child emotionally, with their learning, underlying developmental abilities and general wellbeing.  These recommendations are specific to supporting them at home, school, with friendships and their perception of themselves.

    Our child psychologists offer a range of treatments to support children and teenagers, guide and support parents to help their children manage their emotions and behaviour more appropriately, and support schools in providing for their child’s emotional, behavioural and learning needs.

    We also offer group support in the form of specialised social skills groups for children and teenagers with emotional, behavioural or social difficulties, and those with special educational needs.  All of our groups are run by experienced child and adolescent psychologists.

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