Educational Psychologist or Clinical Psychologist?

Educational Psychologist or Clinical Psychologist


What are the differences between an Educational Psychologist and a Clinical Psychologist?

An educational psychologist is trained in teaching and education while a clinical child psychologist is trained primarily in mental health.  Clinical psychologists often consult with schools as well as parents and use educational assessment and understanding as part of their work.   Both a clinical and educational psychologist are trained to doctorate level.  An educational psychologist works together with parents, teachers and other professionals to help a child optimise their learning and reach their potential at school.  A clinical psychologist will aim to do this, as well as to understand other issues that may be getting in the way of a child’s confidence and ability to reach their potential.  A clinical child psychologist will also aim to help a child to improve their emotional and social well-being, and develop positive behaviours to help them to function well and be happy at home and at school.

Both educational psychologists and clinical psychologists will undertake assessment and treatment.  Clinical psychologists in our team work with the learning needs and issues of a child as well as their emotional, social, family and personal experiences, strengths and difficulties.  We offer advice to parents and schools, emotional support, short term CBT, longer term therapeutic interventions, and psychological therapy.  All work is evidence based and focused on meeting the needs of the individual within the context of their own experiences, family and school.

All of our clinical psychologists are very experienced with educational, emotional and psychological testing and are able to offer you a full understanding of your child’s learning, educational, emotional, social and interpersonal strengths, differences and difficulties.


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