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10 Super Strategies for Co-operation

What to do when there’s nothing you can do Part of being a mindful parent means taking a moment to think about how we parent. Most of us know what we should do, and this blog is an opportunity have a reminder to take time to actually do it!  This blog is contemplating strategies for co-operation. This MINDFUL MOMENTS blog is about focusing on how to break the

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Praise can be Punishment

This is not intended to be another article that makes you feel like a bad parent or that you are doing yet another thing wrong! As parents, we are constantly getting messages about how we should be trying harder, doing better, and creating ‘perfect’ kids.  As we all know the ‘perfect parent’ is a cruel and torturous myth that is perpetuated by many parenting

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Anxiety in Children

Anxiety This article is focusing on being aware of whether your child might be anxious and how children’s worries can sometimes keep them awake. There is a lot of information available on children and anxiety and many useful strategies that can be used to support your children.  Anxiety can manifest as a fear of something specific, fear in certain situations or a general sense

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